2020 Funding: the Government is trying to clarify doubts

According to official numbers, the expenditure is required, including Letes repayable, and; Go to $ 47.6 billion this year, while the Government will have $ 48.5 billion to pay this sum, and # 39; Leave it once and it's $ s900 million available. In 2019, Mauricio Macri's administration begins with an initial cash balance of $ 10.9 billion, expected $ 22.5 billion from the IMF and $ 1.7 billion through the Rap with international banks added . as well as another $ S4,600 from other global organizations and some $ 8,800 million in Letes.

The Treasury Palace stated that "the first largest balance of money as a result of the increased refinancing of short-term movements was reduced to 46%, compared to the 60% planned first". It is worth noting that if the Government had to go out and debit in the international financial markets for ten years, it would have to pay a level of almost 10% due to a high level of rural danger (see page 2), which prevents him from getting out of the country. short-term In addition to this, this is one of the reasons why the economic team started to; negotiated by the IMF. In this line, the Ministry of Finance indicated "that Finance will have an additional position in foreign currency in 2019. The dollar converter required to pay pesos costs at a & # 39; first season. "

Also, for this year, 35.5% of Government needs, some of US $ 16.9 billion in local currency, and the other 64.5% (US $ 30.7 billion) in a dollar. In terms of funding, only 18.1% (US $ 8,800 million) are in local currency, with the remaining 81.9% (US $ 39,700 million) in foreign currency. In the agreement signed by the IMF, the Government undertook to reduce the amount of its debt in dollars, in order to reduce the risks that were to be realized in the future. This is why he has developed various Government Bills in pesos, such as Lecap or Lecer, who are trying to generate a debt debt market in pesos. In 2018, Letes stock fell at the $ 7.4 billion private sector. The total in the hands of housing investors was stable, and foreigners from almost half represented in January to 16.5% in late December.

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