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Are you ready for a little fight? WWE & # 39; s & # 39; Raw & # 39; 25 years ago

The Rock told Jabronis to know his role long before traveling to Jumanji. Batista defended championships before he protected the galaxy. Steve Austin left losers in his path with stunners "Stone Cold" instead of Skullbusters.

Before the trio of WWE stars spread to other entertainment avenues, they had talked trash, they had flipped their middle fingers, they had gone down, drank beer and raised a lot of hell in the wildest show on Mondays at night.

Betty White, Bob Barker, Bradley Cooper and even Tiny Tim joined the fun inside the square circle.

Welcome, everyone, to Monday Night Raw! [19659005] The WWE flagship show is set to celebrate its 25th anniversary on Monday with a three-hour party packed with Hall of Famers, Hollywood stars, Boogeyman, The Bellas and Brooklyn Brawler.

Since its debut on January 11, 1993, "Raw" revolutionized the fight and became the sport? – Hip again. "Raw" calls itself a segment of sports entertainment without cuts, without cuts and without censorship, and for most of its 25 years, "Raw" has transmitted the crazy and wild to more than 3 million viewers each week; either Braun Strowman turning over a truck or Brian Pillman wielding a gun in Austin.

Directed by WWE President and CEO Vince McMahon, "Raw" rattled the wreck industry in its Saturday morning form.

I remember I was in the office and Vince talking about going out and moving on, "said Hulk Hogan, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

The television landscape of wrestling was mainly weekend One hour, filled primarily with non-competitive matches in which the superstar will flatten some talents for improvement, WWE had been a staple on Monday nights since "Prime Time Wrestling" debuted in the United States on January 1, 1985.

Wrestling programs recorded weekly were mostly reduced for all three.

"(McMahon) called it a new breath or a new life for the wrestling business," said Hogan. we started and people got used to live music, the recorded shows would be a dinosaur. "

" Raw "crawled like a solid cable performer until his rival WCW unleashed" Monday Nitro "in 1995 and soon overcame WWE at your own game, win The battle of rankings in what was called "Monday Night Wars" for 83 consecutive weeks.

McMahon, who declined to comment on the AP, was forced to direct the program to the Attitude era, led by a Austin fault, a crotch-cutting Degeneration X, and a slogan that spoke of Dwayne "The Rock "Johnson who made the show reach new heights.

The WCW would go out of business when WWE bought the company's remains in 2001. [19659015] "You can not beat someone at their own game when it's the game," Hogan said.

Triple H would surely agree.

McMahon, 72, who transformed from an original "Raw" broadcaster to the show's best bad guy, has starred in the most memorable stories for the dominant company in the industry.

"He does not like to take credit for that, but Vince is the force that guides him," said WWE executive Paul "Triple H" Levesque. "He's never afraid of taking that risk, he never feels he knows the answers."

Trying to find the answer for the best moment in "Raw & # 39; s: history is like trying to choose the perfect combination of PowerBall. [19659017] At the top of the impossible list, real life retreats by Ric Flair, Edge and Daniel Bryan that made even the toughest fans look for a handkerchief Bob Backlund slapped Arnold Skaaland in the cross chicken wing Sabu jumps out of the Raw cards The stable villain Nexus that destroyed John Cena he even strangled ring announcer Kurt Angle and the milk truck.

And Donald Trump, yes, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and the president, who, ahem, bought "Raw" in 2009 from McMahon.

"I'm going to do things that have never been done before, never seen before," Trump said. "People have been watching Raw for 17 years and they deserve something special." You've earned a lot of money with these people. time for you to return, as our president says, & # 39; returns & # 39; ".

Trump's reign of terror in "Raw" lasted less than four years. He, ahem, sold "Raw" to McMahon the following week for double the price.

Even the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase would have laughed at the scam.

DiBiase will be in New York on Monday with other WWE Hall of Famers including Scott Hall, Ron Simmons, Austin, Flair and Shawn Michaels. I should return from the dead to start a fight against Cena by WrestleMania.

The show will have a bit of WrestleMania 2 feel, broadcast live from two locations: the original home of "Raw" at the Manhattan Center and the Barclays Center. WWE stars and games are scheduled in both places, although the exact format has not yet been disclosed.

Michaels and The Undertaker were in the first program and will serve as bookends for the first episode and number 1,288 "

". Raw "has even sprouted branches in the pedigree.

WWE champion Charlotte Flai was just a teenager for her debut on" Raw. "Look closely, and Flair can be seen in the stands during a female bout in an episode of 2004. She came back four years later when she joined her family and other WWE stars in the ring for Father Ric Flair's farewell speech.

Made her debut as a fighter in the show in 2015 – complete with a strut and gold around the waist, like The Nature Boy.

"The talent has a passion for what we do and wants to show every Monday to give everyone sitting at home the best possible show," said Charlotte Flair. 19659015] Michaels could fill a few hours on the WWE Network with outstanding "crudos": his 2009 fight in London vs. Cena, considered the best "Raw" fight, stripping Mike Tyson of his DX shirt and collapsing against Owen Hart in a classic combat e 90. He fought against Max Moon at the opening "Raw".

"The first & # 39; Raw & # 39; was the genesis, the core, of everything that has happened in the WWE," said Michaels. "None of us had any idea at the time of what we were about to embark."

The future may not include the US network. UU Television rights are at stake by the end of 2019 and WWE, since the live and weekly content should surely generate a great bidding war in the open market. Imagine "Raw" on Mondays on Fox with featured programs and auxiliary programming on FS1, as UFC does now.

"I can say that WWE is in a unique position, whatever it is, regardless of the way our fans tell us we are going, we are there," said Levesque.

McMahon recently sold $ 100 million of shares to finance his company Alpha Entertainment and could relaunch the XFL. Levesque said that outside interests will never get to the way McMahon runs WWE.

"I do not think there is any sense of change," said Levesque. "If someone thinks they're going to expel him or take this thing, there's going to be a tremendous fight."

If there is, what better place to show that on Monday nights in "Raw." [19659039]
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