Are we effectively using our mental health dollars? – Orange County Registry –

Are we effectively using our mental health dollars? – Orange County Registry


For the past 12 years, I have seen my best friend from the high school struggle with our county mental health care delivery system. When seeing my friend, like many Orange County residents, do everything possible so that your child, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, receives the necessary services and, often, have to leave our county to receive treatment Right, it has led me to ask. "Why?" This turning point came almost three years ago, when I felt that a more detailed badysis of our county mental health care system was necessary. While touring one of the largest hospitals in Orange County, the medical director of that hospital told me he would not know for which county programs his patients would be eligible due to the maze of rules and requirements that he would have to draw, only to be referred between programs.

Because of these experiences, I have been working hard since I was elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors in 2015 to better understand our mental health care system, help de-stigmatize mental health illnesses and Work to ensure that we have an effective, efficient and compbadionate way to provide mental health services to our residents. This task continues to grow each year as awareness of mental health conditions increases, including the growing prevalence of mental health needs among adolescents and our homeless population.

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