Arby & # 39; s is offering $ 6 flights to Hawaii

In what is probably our strangest story of the year, the Arby & # 39; s fast food chain offers lucky people a $ 6 round trip flight to Oahu. We are quite used to outrageous flight offers, especially after Southwest Airlines entered the Hawaiian flight market, but the price of a ticket in the individual digits is not known. And it gets weirder.

Those who were lucky enough to write down a ticket (it's the first to arrive, the first service and probably very limited), which will go on sale at 12:00 p.m. Tomorrow (4/12), will only be in Oahu for a total of six hours, where you can enjoy "sweet buns, tender meats and a Hawaiian paradise." The trip must be between 4/26 and 4/28, and customers must be residents of the United States.

Photo: Courtesy of Arby

These tickets, and the exaggeration that surrounds them, are being used to promote the three new sandwiches inspired by Hawaii by Arby, the chicken Luau, the Big Kahuna and the not very Hawaiian Smokehouse Brisket. It is also quite safe to say that these are the sandwiches that you will enjoy while you bury your fingers in the sand.

If you think you are lucky enough to win a ticket, and do not mind stalking your countdown, you can try to get your $ 6 ticket here. Good luck (you'll need it)

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