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Aravind's parody of & # 39; Lungi Dance & # 39; it goes viral

CHENNAI: The famous revenge song by Aravind SA for "Lungi Dance", which appeared in the Bollywood film 2013, "Chennai Express", has gone viral on social media and fans of superstar Rajinikanth love the "Parody of Lungi. "

Two days after releasing the song on his Twitter account, almost eight lakh people saw it and the number keeps growing. While presenting the song, says Aravind, "it's been a year since I released the video in" lungi dance "and a lot of outrage happened because of that, I do not even hate the" lung dance "so much, I just hate that they call it a tribute. They would have called it a parody of Rajinikanth's stuff, I would probably agree with that, I still call it a bad song, which is another matter, that's why to commemorate the first anniversary of my "lungi dance" video, I thought I would write a parody song of the lungi dance ".

"Lungi Dance" was composed and sung by rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh for the soundtrack of the 2013 Bollywood movie "Chennai Express." The soundtrack was described as a tribute to Rajinikanth. The Dance Lungi & # 39; Dance Lungi & # 39; He received mixed reactions from critics. Rajni fans had not appreciated the song because of the stereotypes it had.

About a year ago, the comedian Aravind SA released a video about the & # 39; Dance Lungi & # 39 ;. According to reports, this was met with the abuse and hatred of the northern Indians. Aravind decided to send a message saying that the stereotypes are not correct. Therefore, he made a parody song – "Song Chapathi" and threw it into his Twitter account on Saturday. In one day, the video went viral on social networks and almost eight people saw it until Sunday night.

Introducing the song in his video, Aravind says, "To all the people who paid tribute to Rajinikanth on behalf of Lungi Dance, here is my special dedication to you: #ChapathiSong, with lots of love and stereotypes. Jai Hind. "

The video begins with a disclaimer stating that he hoped to evoke the following reactions: laughter, happiness, special reactions between the Indians of the north and the Indians of the south, a special love between the Indians of the north and the Indians of the south and in some Exceptional circumstances can provoke symptoms of hatred, anger, strong temptations to call the creators of this video as anti-national.

In the main song, Aravind investigates many things, from & # 39; butter naan & # 39; even Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. He also warns that "do not take the name of Thalaivar in vein".

Aravind interpreted the song in a special program: "Madras Da" and the crowd in the huge auditorium became gaga as soon as he began to sing the song -Chapathi. The young audience cheered him until the end of the four minute song, which has lines in Tamil, English and Hindi.

Upon seeing this song, a large number of people, especially the Rajini fans, shared the links on their Twitter account with reactions and comments. A Rajini fan said that all Rajini fans have not missed the opportunity "Ultimate Thala! Another said: #ChapathiSong started my day with laughter … This song shows your level of madness and also the level of gaandu towards them. Another posted a comment saying & # 39; Thalaivareay thooki veichu senjuttan & # 39 ;.

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