Monday , March 1 2021

A German court has ruled that the value of VW cars should be returned to buyers

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German court has ordered Volkswagen to return the original price of a full-size golf car to the owners of the car they bought in 2012, a blow to the automaker as legal battles continue over a scandal of fraud in the emissions of diesel cars.

Volkswagen said it believed the Augsburg court had abused the law and added that it would appeal to the court in a higher court.


A spokesman for the Augsburg Civil Court said the court ruled that Volkswagen acted immorally when it provided drivers with exhaust emission reading games in an effort to increase sales and profits by tricking customers.

The court ruled that Volskvagen would return the original price of about 30,000 euros ($ 34.2 thousand) to the owners, according to a copy of the ruling.

"From our point of view, there is no legal basis for consumer complaints, consumers have not suffered loss or damage, the cars are safe and manageable," Volkswagen said in a statement.

He added that around 9,000 judgments were issued in connection with the gas emissions scandal, which was revealed in 2015, and that the majority of consumer complaints were unsuccessful in several courts.

"Then, the decision of the Augsburg Court is in contradiction with different decisions of other courts in similar cases," said Volkswagen.

For 0844 GMT, the shares of Volkswagen changed slightly to 151.88 euros.

Volkswagen said that around 11 million cars worldwide were equipped with programs that could circumvent exhaust emissions testing in diesel cars.

Volkswagen agreed to pay billions of dollars in the United States to resolve claims from customers, environmentalists, states and suppliers. The company has offered to buy back 500,000 environmentally friendly cars in the United States.

The company has not reached similar agreements in Europe, where it faces billions of dollars in claims from investors and customers in its worst crisis since its inception.

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