Apple’s surprise iPhone 12 Pro upgrade suddenly confirmed

We already have a lot of information about the (extended) iPhone 12 line-up and (with two exceptions) that they are ready to impress. But now we know that Apple has added a surprise upgrade, which no one has seen.

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New supply chain images and schematic obtained by extremely popular YouTuber Philip Koroy (Aka EveryThePelpro), Apple is fitting a ring of magnets to the chassis of its iPhone 12 model. Furthermore, the discovery has led industry insiders to ban its work.

Koroy theorizes This is “potentially increased or related charging, possibly even for a snap in the ‘wireless charger solution'”. This is very admirable, especially if Apple is looking for an alternative to road testing ahead of the iPhone going wireless only in 2021. Could it also be related to their surprisingly small battery?

Said that, other leaks disagree with iHacktu Pro saying For reverse charge whereas Komiya In particular it has been stated that “not for reverse charge” but does not offer alternative use. As a result, for the first time in many years, Apple has stumped the leaker community.

Personally, I think Coroy has the best explanation but will it come on all models or will the final design? Either way, the discovery has added some real curiosity to what we already know about the iPhone 12’s new design, performance upgrades, radical camera technology, expanded screen size, and fast charging. But could it also be a factor in their high prices?

With the iPhone 12 range officially delayed and the release likely to fracture, at least we now have a little more time to make it work.


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