Apple’s rival Netflix streaming actually sounds interesting – BGR

Apple is creating its own original content to handle the giant streaming Netflix, but also HBO and Hulu. The company has already signed several high profile content offers, although we are several months away from its launch. But how is Apple going to release them?

A report a few weeks ago speculated that Apple could launch its television programs either through an independent subscription or in a package that will include access to Apple Music and other benefits. A new report, based on Apple's actual plans, suggests that Apple could package its Netflix rival along with access to music and news, which makes it sound quite interesting.

When Netflix started broadcasting its creations a few years ago, it already had a lot of movies and TV shows to keep users busy. Meanwhile, Apple's video streaming product will not have any content licensed from other producers. So the launch of an independent Apple streaming service that would only pack a handful of shows at first does not sound that exciting.

But The information (through Engadget ) says that Apple is considering creating a new subscription offer that would include all of its original TV shows, Apple Music and magazines. Therefore, the service would offer buyers a large amount of content that would justify a subscription.

The service would be similar to Amazon's Prime subscription, which also gives members access to videos and music. However, Amazon's offer is fast and free. in its center. YouTube also offers access to videos and music, and Spotify plans to present its video transmission service in the future.

Apple's music streaming service is now widely available to users. The company also operates a free news service on iOS (with macOS to obtain it soon), and bought Texture, "the Netflix of magazine plans", a few months ago, which will be integrated with the News application.

In other words, all the pieces of the future puzzle of Apple's video streaming service seem to be in place. That means that the information in the information is accurate.


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