Apple’s massive iPhone 13 upgrade suddenly confirmed

Apple’s new iPhone 12 range was launched with clear compromises in every model, but now Apple documentation has now confirmed the first details of their next iPhone – and you may want to scrap that upgrade.

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first seen On twitter And later confirmed by MacRumors, page 71 of Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm (after the pair’s lengthy legal battle) reveals Apple’s 5G plans for the next 4 four years. Furthermore, it specifically confirms that Apple will use Qualcomm’s fundamentally advanced X60 5G modem in the “Apple product” (read: iPhone) in 2021 and that it fixes the worst flaws in the iPhone 12 range.

The iPhone 12 models use Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem (this is also detailed in the settlement filing and confirmation on the iPhone 12 Today tears) And this hardware not only has a large price premium but also high power drain and limited international support. This forced Apple to have several agreements with many consequences.

The first was cost cutting. It has been decided to remove EarPods and a wall charger from the most high-profile Apple iPhone 12 boxes, but the most important company’s move was to save costs by fitting small batteries across the range. Subsequent decisions, combined tests with the X55’s higher power draw, mean they have confirmed that they provide inferior battery life to their predecessors. It also explains the absence of a 120Hz promotion display. Apple is not supporting the fastest 5G standard (‘mmWave’) on any iPhone 12 model outside the US and multi-sim 5G is not available.

But the X60 changes everything. Unlike the X55, it can be integrated into the main chipset of a phone which saves space, reduces battery drain and costs. It is globally compatible with 5G networks, supports dual SIM and even connects both WaterView and Sub-6GH (slow, long-range) 5G networks together to provide eye-watering performance. Possible

All of which explains why the first iPhone 13 leaks read like a wish list of everything we didn’t get from the iPhone 12 line-up. In addition, the iPhone 13 range will be the first model to feature a small notch and in-display Touch ID (with Face ID), which features masks to suit the world’s needs.

So yes, the iPhone 12 models offer completely solid upgrade options, but one they are undeniably affected by the agreement caused by the X55 XML. Next year, thanks to Apple’s own documentation, we know the gloves are off.


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