Apple’s massive iPhone 12 upgrade suddenly confirmed

The launch of Apple’s iPhone 12 is coming to a close and some recent disappointing design decisions have surfaced in the leaks, now revealing a massive upgrade.

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John Prosser is prolific Apple tipster Confirmed That Apple will double the entry level storage capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max to 128GB, which significantly criticizes the 64GB starting point in the iPhone 11 Pro model. But this is not all good news.

While the iPhone 12 Pro model will get this (long-awaited) storage bump, Prosser The states That the all-new iPhone 12 Mini (“Definitely the last marketing name”) and iPhone 12 will be stuck with 64 GB of storage. They too will have 64/128 / 256GB upgrade options similar to the iPhone 11 line-up, which is missing out on the 512GB top tier available for the iPhone 12 Pro model.

In addition, the processor reiterated that Apple will announce new iPhones on October 13, while “Apple’s first shipment of the last iPhone 12 units will go to distributors on October 5.” Given Prosser’s high success rate in leaking Apple in 2020, and a consensus among those leaking around this date, you should add it to your calendar.

Will Apple’s new iPhones rule big storage again? This is a good (perhaps important) move following the revelation that the iPhone 12 range will have smaller batteries, retain its larger display notch and potentially only perceive the iPhone 12 Pro Max as the ‘real flagship’, with smaller The iPhone 12 Pro will be remembered. Camera and top tier 5G upgrade.

Of course, Apple fans will have an angular new chassis design going forward, as well as relatively low price increases compared to other 5G iPhones. But, for my money, the real star of the show will be the iPhone Apple won’t release until early next year.


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