Apple’s MagSafe Duo Charger Finally Showed in Online Store

Today, Apple finally started selling and shipping the MagSafe Duo Charger, an accessory that was announced on October 13 with the new iPhone 12 lineup.

The MagSafe Duo is a charging pad that uses Qi wireless charging technology to charge two devices at once. Apple says that it supports any Qi-enabled device, but of course, it specifically takes into account that the Duo charges an iPhone, Apple Watch or any two-device combination of AirPods cases Can.

The MagSafe Duo charger is just for Apple, with many MagSafe accessories announced in October. New iPhones have a magnet on the back designed to allow chargers and cases to latch on, and MagSafe iPhones also have built-in sensors to detect which type of accessory to connect to. Has been and communicate with it via NFC.

Apple also announced at the same iPhone event that new iPhones would not come with charging bricks in their boxes, and the same applies to this charger. Apple is assuming that whoever buys it already has a charging brick in their hands, but if you don’t, Apple’s store page says the following to make sure you use MagSafe Duo should do:

– 20W USB-C power adapter (sold separately) for up to 11W fast wireless charging
– 27W or more USB-C power adapter for fast wireless charging up to 14W (sold separately)

Obviously, wired charging is going to be very fast. But if you like the convenience of wireless charging, this is Apple’s multi-purpose solution for you — although it doesn’t support three devices such as the previously announced-then-canceled AirPower mat.

The MagSafe Duo is priced at $ 129 and ships immediately, with the first delivery expected to arrive at buyers’ doors later this week.

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