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Apple’s latest iPhone X ad uses Face ID to alleviate password concerns

Apple has published a new commercial on its YouTube channel, with a video highlighting the use of Face ID on the iPhone X to help its users stop worry about forgetting the passwords of online services.

The advertisement of "Memoria" opens with a great theater that applauds two figures on stage, in a challenge of surreal public memory. For the final challenge of the participant, the host asks: "This morning you created an online banking password. What is it?"

Following the shouts of amazement of the audience, the contestant begins to talk to himself, trying to remember what he had established. As time runs out, the public begins to mock the man, intensifying the stressful situation.

Suddenly, the contestant takes out an iPhone X that shows an authentication screen with the empty password box. Face ID is activated, fills the box and allows entry. Then, the man has an aspect of relief at being able to log in, with the scene revealing that he is actually sitting inside a coffee shop, still holding the iPhone X.

"Your face is your password", the video states while the The man waves his iPhone as a celebration for the "memory challenge" audience, before revealing that the announcement was about Face ID on iPhone X.

The new commercial is one that Apple has produced to promote Face ID and its functionality. The commercial "Unlock" by March presented a high school student who unlocked several things watching them, after using Face ID to unlock his iPhone.

Another March announcement showed a man who uses Face ID with Apple Pay to buy items while walking through a market. In April, a series of shorter points showed how Face ID biometric authentication can be used to quickly pay for goods and services.


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