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Apple’s iPhone X sales may be declining, according to shipments of Samsung OLED displays – Quartz

Samsung reported its quarterly earnings on Thursday, April 26 in South Korea. Beyond smartphones, devices and all kinds of electronic equipment, Samsung is one of the largest producers of components for products of other companies. And one of its clients for high definition displays is Apple, offering observers another insight into the performance of the iPhone manufacturer.

The conglomerate reported that it expects the softness in the global smart phone market to be a challenge for earnings next quarter, in particular demand for OLED display panels in smartphones. Samsung was the only provider of these screens on the iPhone X (but not another iPhone model), which is similar to the technology used in their own phones.

Apple had a record quarter in the last reporting period, which was the first that the iPhone X was for sale. Apple does not reveal what percentage of its iPhone sales come from specific phones, but the average selling price of an iPhone jumped, suggesting that part of its audience bought its much more expensive iPhone X.

But a previous report this week suggested that demand for the iPhone X has cooled this quarter, accounting for only 16% of smartphones that Apple sold so far in 2018. Samsung's earnings report seems to support this, given the lowest demand you are seeing for the iPhone type X. shows. Similarly, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which makes some of Apple's processors, recently revised its forecast for the rest of the year by $ 1 billion due to the more flexible mobile market, according to AppleInsider.

We will have the last word on how Apple did during the last full quarter, and how it expects to do it during the summer, on May 1, when it reports its earnings.

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