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Apple’s iPhone X is so 2017; Rumors already revolve around the 2018 models

Bigger, better, OLEDier

It's Thursday, December 7 th and after the release of the Apple iPhone X a short time ago, it's fair to say that the newer iPhone signals a clear change in address for Cupertino, then the question now is, what's next? Clues and rumors are starting to pile up, and the rumor mill received a lot of grist recently with a report on the Nikkei Asian Review site that says there are more and more larger OLED iPhones on the way, as you would logically suspect. [19659003] But the details are starting to emerge on the new iPhones, including some of the mysterious Ming Chi Ko, perhaps the most accurate Apple forecaster. According to a BGR post, Ko says that Apple will finally be able to present two even larger versions of the iPhone X, including one called X (Ten) Plus, which could have a 6.5-inch screen with about 500 dots per inch. that's an extremely high resolution, and it would be great for VR and AR.

Other rumors suggest that the X Plus could be 6.3 inches instead. The third part is that you are also working on an iPhone X type phone with a lower cost LCD screen. And home button fans do not have to worry: the iPhone 8 will probably continue for a longer time, probably with a standard "S" update, and the SE backspace will also remain in the lineup, perhaps with a small update as well. Again, all are rumors for now, but 2018 is fast approaching.

Zone without battery

If you travel a lot, or maybe even a little, you probably have noticed that "smart" baggage is one thing now, but it's also something that has apparently become a problem for the airlines, and they're starting to lose control over all those new high-tech rollies. The problem is old: batteries . New-Think bags like the cool bluesmart models use a battery to charge your phone, track your bag with Bluetooth, talk to your application, etc.

But now, American Airlines, Delta and Alaska Airlines are about to institute new rules that will keep those high-tech bags at home unless the battery can be removed. And in many cases, they can not. There are some small concessions: basically, if the battery can be removed, you can check the bag or keep it as carry-on baggage. But if you can not extract the battery, your bag basically does not go on the plane. Clearly, this will cause the suitcase manufacturers to reconsider the designs.

The danger, of course, is that a high-density battery can fail during a flight, catch fire and ignite the luggage compartment, which could, of course, bring the plane down. . I think we can all agree that it is a legitimate concern. The new rules come into effect on January 15 th and other airlines are expected to follow soon.

Beware of that thumbtack

We talked yesterday about how the next Samsung Galaxy S9 will be presenting the new Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip (SoC) computer chip, and just in time, Qualcomm officially announced the new 845 yesterday, and we should keep in mind that it will be manufactured by the Samsung Foundry chip factory.

But he also mentioned how future smartphones can serve a dual function as home computers, but before that happens, there will be an impulse to use the superchip in affordable and highly energy efficient laptops. And with more focus on AI, VR and AR, we also suspect that the 845 will power a new generation of virtual reality headsets and related equipment as well.

Suffice it to say that there are many very complex things going on inside 845, and after reading the summary of the new chip, it is quite surprising to see that it is almost as big as a pin.

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