Apple’s Intriguing New iPad Mini Replacement Just Leaked

While most of Apple’s product lineup has been updated in the last 12 months, there is one device that has languished without an update for a while. We are, of course, talking about the poor iPad mini. Last updated two years ago, the mini is starting to look a bit old, and if the new leaks are to be believed, it may even be approaching retirement age.

A new report suggests that the iPad mini could soon be replaced by the so-called iPhone Flip, Apple’s much-rumored foldable iPhone. Considered a smartphone / tablet, it makes sense that the new device could usurp the little tablet, but if true, we will certainly be sad to say goodbye to one of our favorite drawing tablets.

The iPad mini (left) could be replaced by a successor to the iPhone 12 (right) (Image credit: Apple / Future owns)

According to MyDrivers (as discovered by PocketNow), Apple plans to ditch the iPad mini in favor of the iPhone Flip as soon as 2022 or 2023. Rumored to feature a larger screen than the iPad mini in a smaller body (when folded), the The new device should offer a double whammy for creatives on the go: a larger digital canvas in a more portable package.

iPhone flip concept

A recent version of the rumored iPhone Flip (Image credit:

And since the foldable iPhone is rumored to feature Apple Pencil support, it certainly sounds like an amazing device for digital artists. A tiny device that can be unfolded to reveal a large screen to draw on whenever inspiration strikes sounds like a winner to us.

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