AppleCare + expanded to cover 2 incidents of accidental damage per year

Apple has revealed a pair of notable changes to its AppleCare + security plans for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. With today’s changes, AppleCare + now covers two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months, plus AppleCare + is less deductible for theft or loss plans.

In the past, AppleCare + covered only two incidents of accidental damage every 24 months, such as water damage, a cracked screen, or a cracked back. Today’s announcement means AppleCare + now covers two accidental damage incidents each year, as first seen on Reddit, making up for four instances in 24 months.

Accidental damage coverage through AppleCare + is still subject to a service charge: Screen damage requires a $ 29 deduction, while other accidental damage such as water damage includes a $ 99 deduction.

Another change for AppleCare + is that AppleCare has reduced $ 149 across the board for iPhones for theft or loss, while Apple used to charge variable deductibles based on the iPhone model in question.

Apple has recently been emphasizing on AppleCare +. Only last month, the company began giving more time to eligible purchase windows from 60 days to a full year for users to sign up for AppleCare + coverage. Paired with today’s changes, Apple is clearly trying to make AppleCare + a more enticing option for hardware buyers.

You can learn more about AppleCare + on Apple’s website here.

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