Apple won’t hold iPad Pro, ‘AirTags’ launch event on March 16

From Bloomberg Mark Gurman spilled cold water on rumors of an Apple hardware special event supposedly scheduled for March 16, rumors that began circulating late in the week in the wake of unsubstantiated tweets.

Earlier this week, Twitter accounts “LeaksApplePro” and “FrontTron” stated that Apple planned to launch new models of iPad Pro, iPad mini, and “AirTags” tracking hardware at a main event on March 16. South Korea Post Daily economic news He subsequently picked up and published the unsubstantiated gossip in a report that has since been cited by numerous online outlets.

“LeaksApplePro” is not known to have information about Apple’s business and has in the past made erroneous claims related to new products and release timelines. Meanwhile, “FrontTron” seems to focus on Samsung devices and is largely unknown in the Apple world. While not an inaccurate prediction provider like “LeaksApplePro”, “FrontTron” has no track record in the field.

On Friday, Gurman, an insider well connected with solid Apple sources, put the nail in the coffin and confirmed On twitter that there will be no event on March 16. While it doesn’t specify when the company intends to hold its typical spring event, Gurman notes “AirTags.” do not be released on 16.

The apparently bogus Twitter “reports” were likely educated guesses based on legitimate reports and historical release dates.

Apple is anticipated to introduce new iPad hardware this spring at the same time as its annual release cycle. Several reports point to an announcement sometime in March, although that date could be delayed due to persistent development and supply chain delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


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