Apple will no longer end Epic’s use of ‘Sign in Apple’ as a battle on Fortnite and the App Store

Earlier this week, Epic Games said that Apple was going to stop signing it with the Apple API, which means many mobile Fortnite players – people who signed up through Apple’s Universal Sign In service Is – they will not be able to log into their account altogether. Epic Later Account Migration Frequently Asked Questions.

In Tweet Followed Today, Epic now states that Apple has given them an indefinite extension.

The announcement that Apple had withdrawn the sign with Apple support for Epic Games caused a lot of panic in the Apple community. This was seen as unnecessary retaliatory action that caused great inconvenience to Apple’s user base.

In addition, many app developers rely on services such as signing in with Apple with implicit trust. That confidence was jeopardized by Apple’s threat that the ban would bring down the hammer.

The battle between Apple and Epic Games after the App Store’s decision to pursue the rules and a direct purchase option for Fortnite is far from over. Epic is suing App Store for increasing monopoly power, with Apple being counted for breach of contract for Epic Games. The two companies are set to appear in court simultaneously on September 28, and a full trial resolution will take years.

As it stands today, Fortnite is not available to new players on the iPhone or iPad as Apple removed the game from the App Store. However, the game is still playable for existing users who already have this download. And if those users log in to their Fortnite account using a sign with Apple Authentication, they will be able to continue to do so.

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