Apple Watch: Singapore will start paying people to work with smartwatches

In the past one week, the company has made a splash in the city-state by unveiling a shiny new “floating” store and a new partnership with the government to promote the use of its smartwatch.

Singapore announced on Tuesday that it would reward residents with hundreds of dollars if it uses a new health app designed for the Apple Watch.

The app encourages users to complete certain activities each week and practice walking, swimming or yoga. It also reminds users to sign up for health screenings and vaccination appointments. By checking those targets, users can earn up to 380 Singapore dollars (about $ 280).

“Singapore has one of the world’s leading health systems, and we are thrilled to partner with them,” said Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer.

The announcement has been made in time for Apple, which announced only two new smartwatch models this week at its big September event. One of the watches comes with advanced health features, including an app that allows users to monitor their blood oxygen levels.
Apple's new Marina Bay Sands store in Singapore.

Just a few days after the announcement, the company opened its third store in Singapore – an eye-catching glass dome inspired by the Pantheon in Rome.

The space is designed to look like a “floating sphere” according to Apple. It is located in the bustling Marina Sands area, an underwater boardroom, panoramic horizon views and an event space.
Singapore is known for its tech-savvy approach to public issues. It was one of the first countries to roll out a contact-tracing app to stop the spread of coronavirus this year. It also deployed a robotic “dog” to patrol in a park and encouraged social distances this summer.

Meanwhile, the government’s alliance with Apple took years to form. Both parties said that at least two years ago, Singapore asked tech and healthcare providers to help them come up with new public welfare programs in the country. The two-year initiative will begin in October.

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Kate said, “Even all of us around the world are dealing with the challenges of Kovid-19, we must keep investing in our future. And any investment better than our own personal health Is not. ” Said in a statement.