Apple Watch Series 6 has a feature blood oxygen monitoring sensor

According to a new report, Apple Watch Series 6 will include blood oxygen monitoring in its list of features when it launches later this year DigiTimes.

That Apple Watch 6 will have biosensors that can monitor the state of sleep, Find blood oxygen Sources said the pulse rate will measure heartbeat and atrial fibrillation, and will also include MEMS-based accelerometers and gyroscopes, all allowing the new instrument to continue in measurement precision among wearable devices, sources said .

Sources in the Taiwan-based website say the next-generation Apple Watch has undergone “smooth development” due to the close collaboration between Apple and Taiwanese company ASE Technology, which has received major backend orders for the device.

The leaked code found in iOS 14 has previously suggested that Apple is working on a Apple Watch that can detect blood oxygen levels.

Based on the code discovered, Apple will notify when blood oxygen levels go below a healthy threshold, which is about 95 to 100 percent saturation. A drop in blood oxygen levels may suggest a serious respiratory or heart problem.

It was not clear from the code whether the feature would be limited to the new Series Apple Watch Series 6 devices, or if it would come as a software update to WatchOS 7, but today’s report suggests that it may be exclusive to the Series 6.

When the original ‘Watchplay’ was released back in 2015, iFixit actually found that Apple’s heart sensors have the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels, but Apple has never activated it.

Other smartwatch and fitness tracker manufacturers, including Google-owned Fitbit, already offer blood oxygen monitoring features to some of their wearable devices, so Apple is playing catch-up in the area, but it could mean the company The works have a more advanced implementation of the feature.

Development Apple Watch Series 6 models, which are under development for a fall launch, are rumored to have improved wireless transmission for faster performance, better water resistance and better Wi-Fi and cellular speeds.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, these improvements will be made through a liquid crystal polymer for the flexible circuit board or a rumor swap for the LCP material.


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