Apple Watch SE overheating issues result in wrist irritation, performance damage

Reportedly, some of the health-focused wearables were overheated to the point that performance deteriorated and it burned the user’s wrist in one instance. Some said they stumbled over the issue when their watch was charging and others felt jealous when they had it on their wrists.

The problem arose within several days of use and a sign of self-harm is a yellow spot on the screen shown by the affected uses.

The problem begins to arise from the area above the display connector, between the Tapti engine and the digital crown.

Of the six users who have escalated the issue, three have received refunds from Apple. Headquarters will be returned in the coming days with a personal response.

While the issue is quite serious, it does not seem to be widespread and is clearly limited to a small batch of South Korea-based models of the Apple Watch SE.
The clock was Along with the Apple Watch 6 has been launched as a budget option for those who do not want to be different on the pricier model. It gets most of the essential features of the flagship model and has a similar design, but it has an older processor and lacks ECG monitoring, ( Always on-display, and the Blood Oxygen App. It went on sale on 18 September.

Here are some pictures of the problematic units:

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