Apple Watch SE: If you are reluctant to buy a smartwatch, now may be the time

An inexpensive Apple Watch is here.

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Ever since Apple launched its first smartwatch, back in 2015, the Apple Watch has been a highly prized wearable item in many different demographics – even if the price tag made it ineffective for some. This changed on Tuesday, when the company announced the Watch SE, a more affordable watch for those whose budgets were not previously owned by Apple smartwatches.

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The Watch SE starts at $ 279 (£ 269, AU $ 429), Apple wants to appeal to a new audience of smartwatch wearers – including children. new Apple Watch Family Setup Feature Lets people connect multiple watches to one iPhone, and Apple is clearly hoping that parents can be convinced to invest in a smartwatch for their beloved lineage.

Although it looks like the current Series 3 watch, the Watch SE has a more powerful processor than Apple’s old timepiece. Series 3 dates back to 2017, so customers can be well reassured to know that Apple is doing more than rebroadcasting an older product; The company has given the gadget a much needed internal refresh to make it relevant in 2020 and beyond.

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Apple unveils low-cost Apple Watch SE


As you might expect from a less expensive model, the SE doesn’t have all of the advanced features of Apple’s high-end watches, such as the FDA-cleared ECG app, but it still has many fitness-tracking capabilities and a fall in the series. Detention features introduced in the 4 include accelerometer, gyroscope and always-on altimeter, similar to the new Apple Watch series. The company also promises big and easy to read metrics on its “most advanced” watch display, which is actually 30% larger than the screen on the Series 3.

Apple’s September event is usually an opportunity for the company to show off its latest iPhones, but with no phone on Tuesday, the watches were able to be taken to center stage. We are doing Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 12 In a few weeks, but until then, the company has offered to get excited about a few things.

Amid the announcements made at Apple’s Tuesday event, the Apple Watch SE is unveiled to potentially bring a much-loved (and lust-after) product to a new audience. While experienced smartwatches owners or those who require deep insight into their health metrics may still be ready for the more expensive, top-of-the-range Apple Watch, SEs seek the most attractive of service to most people Can do a good job of doing and capable smartwatches.

The Watch SE could benefit Apple, allowing it to position itself as a global leader on its sales. A less expensive smartwatch may allow the company to woo buyers who may opt for a budget fitness tracker from rivals such as Fitbit.