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Apple updates the keyboard 2019 MacBook Pro Butterfly

Apple proposed to tell users that the new MacBook Pro has a material change and a more reliable keyboard. We test the new updated third-generation keyboard to see how sound, type and feel compare to the previous generation and break down exactly what Apple has changed, which makes a difference for users every day.

MacBook Pro 2019

MacBook Pro 2019

What has changed

Apple has these changes around it, so we are left with a third-party badysis of what they are specifically. Traditionally, iFixit was one of the first to break down these keys in depth and report what they found. The whole mechanism has remained the same with two notable changes.

First there is the metal dome switch, which actually makes the click feel when a key cap is pressed. They have slightly different appearances on the outside, which could be something as small as changing manufacturer or it could be a new thermal treatment as iFixit has theorized.

If this domain is damaged, a key will begin to act erratically or will not act at all.

Key membrane 2018 (left) and key membrane 2019 (right)

Key membrane 2018 (left) and key membrane 2019 (right)

Secondly, there is the board that is inside the switch and focuses the pressure of a key press centrally on the dome switch. In all previous generations, this material was semi-opaque and had the soft and sticky feel of silicone. The updated design of the switch has a more translucent membrane, with a change of material to a nylon shape.

When talking to material scientists and other hardware engineers, we suspect that the silicone's grip on the 2018 keyboard can cause debris to stick in place, similar to how a pocket tape adheres to the outside of a iPhone case made of similar material. When changing to nylon, which has a greater propensity to static, dust can not stick as easily as before.

But, the spaces between the materials are the same. The general design of the key, the butterfly mechanism and the contacts are the same. At present, it seems that it can make it easier for Apple to maintain the store and can reduce the total replacements of the upper case, which includes the speakers, the keyboard, the battery and the metal case.

If the changes are made to keep customers out of the Genius Bars, it remains to be seen.

Look, listen and feel.

From the outside, the new keyboards on the MacBook Pro look identical to their 2018 equivalents. With those changes on the inside, we were curious about how they would change the writing feel or the keyboard sound.

We took out our MacBook Air 2018, which has the original third-generation keyboard design, complete with a silicone barrier, like the MacBook Pros 2018, and we wrote the same phrase in each of them: how they felt and how they sounded.

MacBook Pro 2019

MacBook Pro 2019

In large part, there was no difference. You can listen to the video by yourself, but the newer model has a slightly lower tone than the MacBook Air. This is partly due to the difference in density and weight of the two machines and there were no changes in the actual pulsation or the overall sound.

In any case, the new keyboard was a bit softer to write, which could be attributed to either of the two material changes described above, or simply to a new keyboard with several hundred thousand fewer words.

If you were comfortable and happy writing on the previous butterfly keyboards, here you will feel at home.

Is more reliable?

Apple seems to be addressing the perceived problems with the design of its keyboard, but it is not clear what the changes will actually do. They have been expanding their repair program to now include the MacBook Pro 2018 and the MacBook Air, and they are also confident that the new keyboards have improved reliability.

Apple Insider's The research itself has shown how serious the keyboard problem really is (although it is above the average of the previous design) and if Apple really improved the reliability here, then the number should decrease even more. We will talk more about this in about six months, when we collect the data.

We know of time if the new keyboards of Apple are more reliable than before, but at this moment all we can say is the sound, the type and the performance, and that, in fact, there are subtle changes in the materials.

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