Apple unveils ground-breaking new iPad technology

The Apple Pencil Creative provides the exact same for iPad users, but Apple’s latest information shows how the device can be taken in a completely new direction, offering features never seen before is.

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According to a patent taken by PatentlyApple, Apple is working on a version of the Apple Pencil that includes new color-sensing hardware. This enables the user to copy colors from a real-world object and then immediately start drawing with that exact color on the iPad or iPhone.

This technology will open up a whole new world for possibilities for Apple devices, benefiting casual and professional users alike. The patent details several possible uses for the device, including measuring color from printed objects, colored objects such as pieces of furniture, human skin, and plants.

In the photographic field, the ability to take such color measurements would be a godsend for those involved in product photography, where accurate color reproduction is important. For example, you can compare the colors shown in online product shots with the original items to make sure they match.

Apple’s patent suggests some health-based applications. In one example, measurements are taken from colored medical test strips to assess glucose, protein, ketones, or pH levels. It can help expand Apple’s health monitoring capabilities in new areas by monitoring a range of important new metrics.

As is always the case with patents, there is no guarantee that this concept will actually make it into production, but it is a clear indication that when it comes to tablets, Apple is yet to pull ahead of the competition. is ready.

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