Apple TV + kills a show about Gawker after Tim Cook’s disappearance: report

The New York Times reported on Sunday that Apple Inc. A TV series about Gossip Blog / Gossip Blog Gawker was killed by Apple TV +, found by CEO Tim Cook.

The series called “Scraper” was sold to Apple AAPL,
Two by Gawker veterans, and two additional Gawker editors were hired as writers, the Times said, completing several episodes.

But the development of the show surprised Cook, the Times reported, and he expressed his disapproval of Gavkar in internal emails. The plug was quickly pulled over the project, which is now seeking a new production partner.

Gawker had a decidedly hostile relationship with Apple: its sister site, Gizmodo, wrote about an iPhone 4 prototype in 2010 when it was abandoned at once, months before its public release – an editor The police raided his house. Gavaskar cast Cook out as gay in 2011.

For the year, Goker made the revelation in holding the powerful until he passed away in 2016, when Tech Mogal went bankrupt following a lawsuit backed by Peter Thiel.

The Times noted that the “scraper” phenomenon shows the fine line that creators must toe that one of the world’s richest companies is now a media gatekeeper, sacrificing creative freedom for practical, corporate-friendly ideas Has been In addition to Cook’s passing, the report states that the creators have not been asked to oppose China, or in any case, the nudity or violence of the cross, or the cross.

Apple TV + has only a few shows with MA (Mature Audience) ratings, mostly for the language.

The Times said the reason is simple: Apple does not want to make its controversial popular brand anything controversial.


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