Apple Tells to Block iOS Unreal Engine Development in New Court Filing

in great shape / Apple’s developer is trying to avoid punishment for breach of agreement regarding Apple’s conception of Apple’s conception Fortnite.

As the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple goes on for a September 28 hearing, the iPhone maker is not offering any word against Epic’s request for an initial injunction. Fortnite Back to the iOS App Store. In a 37-page proposal filed late on Tuesday, Apple says it needs to “retain the ability to maintain one of the most arrogant acts of sabotage that Apple has experienced with any developer.” ”

“Epic sets the fire, and pours gasoline on it, and now asks this court for emergency assistance to get it out, even though Epic can only do so in an instant by following the terms of the contract, which Regulates his relationship with Apple over the years, ”the proposal reads, in part. “The epic is a platformer, not a martyr.”

Security-focused logic

Apple’s reasoning for keeping Fortnite Much depends on the arguments surrounding protecting iPhone security on the App Store without change. When Apple first created the iOS App Store, it states, “Instead of re-creating the Internet, Apple chose instead to make its iPhone customers a safe and reliable place to download and download the app, trust. Is that they will work seamlessly and securely with a tap. Of a finger. ”

Epic mitigated that secure approach by violating the terms of its developer agreement agreement and putting its direct payment option into iOS for iOS. Fortnite Through a “hotfix”, which Apple was unable to review before going live. Because of this, Apple says it was unable to ensure that Epic “did not change the payment system or circumvent the security features of the iPhone or privacy protection,” as it usually does.

For example, it stands FortniteDirect payment option (available and widely used by previously downloaded players Fortnite For iOS) is not blocked by the iPhone’s inherent parental control restrictions on in-app purchases. “The company promises its customers that the App Store will be a safe and reliable place for customers to search and download,” the company writes. “By putting secret and unproven functionality in an app, Epic threatens the relationship between Apple and iPhone customers.”

If Epic succeeds in its argument here, Apple warns, reducing Apple’s 30 percent in-app purchases won’t even deter other developers. “Epic says other developers will not follow its lead because they will ‘fear retaliation’,” Apple writes. “But no one would be afraid of Apple’s reaction if this court gives an injunction. Epic wants and proclaims that all developers can wind up Apple’s rules with no consequences unless they claim that Apple’s rules are antichromatic. ”

Still unrealistic after engine

Fortnite On one hand, Apple also argues that it should retain the right to close all of Epic’s iOS developer accounts. This includes accounts behind the development of the Unreal Engine on iOS, currently protected by a restraining order.
Apple says it wants to close all of Epic’s accounts to prevent it from being transferred from one developer account to another, a “shell game” of the app. But Apple says this is also because the company now sees Epic’s Unreal engine as a “potential threat” as another potential ‘Trojan horse’ that allows Epic to undermine its store space and Further incorporating unauthorized features will enable Epic to go through its own dangers. ”

Through Unreal Engine, Apple argues, Epic may include “other malware,” or “unauthorized features,” such as “alternative direct payment mechanisms,” non-Epic apps that are available on the App Store and rely on the Unreal engine. Are … It’s simple. See that a rogue application affecting the operation of a significant fraction of the world’s iPhones can disrupt local or worldwide telephony systems, as well as the wider segment of the Internet. ”

As those claims of game-engines via worldwide internet-sabotage can be dispelled, Apple’s main issue is that it now leverages Epic’s skepticism regarding its iPhone security and iOS development contract obligations Can not give The company wrote, “Apple does not wait to be fooled a second time before ending the affiliate for the evil deeds of its principals.”

Not a monopoly?

The rest of Apple’s proposals largely reiterate previous arguments that Epic is unlikely to prove its claims that Apple is out of undue control over a monopoly market. The fact that Epic enjoys “alternative means to deliver Fortnite, “From Console and PC to Android Phone,” Current[s] A textbook is an example of services that are ‘reasonably interchangeable’ when used for similar purposes, “Apple writes.”
However, even more, Apple also says on iOS that Epic has other options for demonetization. Fortnite Without paying Apple’s 30 percent fee on in-app purchases. “A developer cannot pay any commission to Apple, through the sale of physical goods and services through advertising, and in any number of other ways,” the company writes, with more than 80 percent of the apps included on the app. Stores use such a business model.

Apple also reiterates its position, previously supported by the court, that Epic’s loss in this case is self-inflicted and thus does not require an initial injunction to rectify it. After claiming Epic’s “reputational damage” to the closure of the App Store, Apple noted that “Epic has done a full-scale job, with pre-planned media blitz decisions to dissolve its agreement with Apple Built an ad campaign around, which is building ad campaigns around the effort still continuing today. If Epic was genuinely concerned that he would suffer a reputed injury from the controversy, engage in these elaborate efforts to publicize it. Will not done. ”