Apple surprised iPhone users the next day with the release of iOS 14. App developers are urinated on.

Apple fans who were unveiling the iPhone 12 at the Apple event today may be a little disappointed. But, Apple gave them a treat to give them in return: an announcement that iOS 14 is being released tomorrow.

Surprise! Sounds great! Unless you are an iPhone app developer. They are very angry.

“I think a lot of developers won’t be able to sleep tonight or will just leave and opt to continue instead [their app] When they want, instead of with the new OS, ”said the iOS developer In a message, “Apple has decided to surprise the developers with seemingly no real warning or care” out of the blue.

Shihab described how he was one of the lucky developers. He just happened to finish his app, an iOS product for Twitter, just in time for the surprise iOS 14 release.

However, even by the end of the app development process, this does not mean that he can kick his feet for the night. Last-minute congestion is proving to be an issue. Shihab still has to get its app through Apple’s review process. He is not alone. is feeling Due to issues Other developers want to submit their app to Apple.

A developer of Steve Troton-Smith told me, “Without such advance warning, nothing is ready.” “Developers are not ready, the App Store is not ready, and everyone is rushing to react rather than have a chance to finish their app properly.”

Steve ran through the normal iOS release process with me. Apple usually heads to third-party app developers for about a week before the official public release of a new iOS. The company makes a “Golden Master” copy of the new iOS and Xcode developer tools before the latest operating system is officially released to the public. This gives iPhone app developers time to ensure that the app they created for the beta release of the new iOS really needs to work on the final version. Sometimes there are important insects that only appear or can only be fixed in the process at this point.

The extra time can also be used to add new features for any new device announced at the Apple event. Apple’s approval process for apps also takes some time, so developers have the week to accumulate time to make sure their work will be in the App Store for iOS releases.

“By the time users install the new iOS 14 and look for a new app, it’s expected to be on the store. Steve pointed out that it’s a chance to make sure that your existing app has a few minutes to fix Chances are, until users stop working outright to upgrade their OS.

“There are some developers who have spent all summer doing something new, using the latest technologies, hoping to one day and participate in the excitement (and press coverage) of the new iOS,” he continued . “For many of them, they would be incredibly nervous to end it this way instead of a victorious launch, and it could dramatically reduce the amount of coverage or sales they received.” We have reached out to Apple at this time to comment on the process.

Some developers have tried to look on the bright side and put a positive spin on things. There will be no crazy rush to get your app out in time for release, explained an iOS developer Post On twitter

But, when it comes down to it, there are many developers who look at iOS release days. This is a once-a-year opportunity where the most likely eyes – users, press, investors – will be scouting the App Store for new releases and apps that fully take advantage of the latest iOS ‘latest features.

“Developers have less than 24 hours to build their new app, submit it via the newly released Xcode version which may be a slow download, and pray that it undergoes an App Store review, all in one Within the time limit which seems almost impossible, ”explained. Shihab

“It can be put in a difficult position, but I think there is no motivation like last minute pressure.”

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