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Apple starts the Camp of Entrepreneurs program to help application developers


Apple is launching a program to help application developers.

Balazs Gardi / Apple

Apple wants to help promoters to give a boost when it comes to iOS applications.

The company presented on Monday its new "Entrepreneurs Camp" that will help women with an intensive coding laboratory, specialized support and ongoing advice. It will take women to their California headquarters for two weeks each quarter to help them with individual coding, marketing and other areas to launch their applications successfully.

"It's a fact that women are underrepresented in the industry," Esther Hare, senior director of marketing for global developers and executive sponsor of Women @ Apple, said in an interview on Monday. "And there is a great disparity [in the] Enterprising world when it comes to access and finance. There is an opportunity to do more and publicize companies led by women. "

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To be eligible, the company must be founded, co-founded or directed by a woman, including transgender women, and must have at least one woman on the development team. The company also has to have a working or prototype application. That could include having an Android application but not an iOS version or having an idea to add something like augmented reality to an application that is already in the Apple app store, Hare said.

"This is really the first of its kind, one by one, code-level camp for women … to accelerate the development of applications," he said.

This year there has been more scrutiny about the number and treatment of women in technology. The MeToo movement has brought to light sexual harassment and other problems that women have faced, including by high-level executives in technology companies like Google. At the same time, technology companies have been trying to diversify their workforce, which includes increasing the number of employees.

Apple itself has struggled to increase the number of women in its operations, with iLast diversity report that shows little improvement. In the gender breakdown in the company. A year ago, the last time Apple reported its annual diversity numbers, it said that only about a third of Apple's employees as of July 2017 were women, the same level as the previous year.

Sending a signal

For startups, founding women face more difficulties than men when it comes to funds, training and support. Last year, women received $ 1.9 billion in financing compared to $ 83.1 billion for men, Apple said. But at the same time, women-owned businesses are growing more than twice as fast as the US national average. UU., While the new technology companies led by women offer a 35% higher return on investment than the technology companies led by men, said Apple. He hopes that his new Entrepreneurs Camp will help address that problem.

"Because Apple is the biggest company and has so much power and voice, Apple that takes care of the women sends this great signal," Kim Azzarelli, co-founder and CEO of Seneca Women, said in an interview. Her group works to promote women in the economy and advised Apple on its new program.

"That's as important as the skills that women in this program will get," Azzarelli said. "I think others will follow, when leaders like this increase and others follow, that will dramatically change the landscape."

Apple is accepting applications for its first session, which will begin in January. The initial group will consist of 10 companies, but plans to hold a new session each quarter with 20 participating companies.

Each company will send its female leader, a developer and another employee to Apple Park in Cupertino, California, for the intensive two-week session. Participants will meet with Apple engineers and executives to get one-on-one coding help and will also meet with women who work at Apple.

"We really want to help the founders and co-founders … to have access to Apple's engineers and executives that they would never have access to," Hare said. "Y [we want to] Go really deep in the code. "

Participating companies will receive two tickets to the Apple World Developer Conference the following year and will connect to other student programs for events and support. They will also have the continued guidance of Apple's developer representatives.

Companies from all countries are eligible for the Entrepreneurs Camp, but all sessions in 2019 will take place on the Apple campus. After the first year of the program, Apple can also expand sessions to other countries, Hare said.

"It's really important for us that we keep women in technology once we get them," Hare said. "This is important to show that this is important to us, and we are doing something about it."

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