Apple Shares Top 20 Most Downloaded Games and 2020 Apps

With a pick for the year’s top iPhone, iPad and Mac apps and games, Apple today shared charts featuring the top 2020 games and the 2020 top apps, revealing the most popular free and paid apps and games during the year Happened.

among us! The top free game of 2020 was followed by Call of Duty: Mobile, Robello and Subway Surfers. Ink Ink Tattoo Drawing was the number four free app, while Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game earned fifth place. The Mario Kart Tour also made the list, earning 15th place.

Minecraft was the top paid game of the year, followed by Plague Inc., Heads Up !, Monopoly, Blondes TD6, Geometry Dash and NBA 2K20. Many of these games often top the charts at the end of the year, with Minecraft and Plague Inc. holding the top positions for a long time.

Zoom was the top free app on iOS devices, followed by TikTok, Disney +, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Top paid apps included TouchRetouch, Procreate Pocket, Facetune, HotSchedules and AutoSleep Sleep Tracker to remove clutter from photos.

The Apple Store’s Today Center has sections from Apple, where all these apps can be downloaded for interested people.


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