Apple sets a record $ 25 million to buy just one Sundance film

The purchase reportedly came through a bidding war with Amazon. Prime video operator was eager to buy CODA, Diversity Said, but it may not have already been given a packup in the room to release the title in 2021. Netflix also showed interest at one point.

This is not a completely unexpected deal. Header is an executive producer for Apple Small america, And has received awards and nominations for directing and writing projects from his short film Mother For netflix Orange is the new black. His first feature-length film, Tallulah, Sundance premiered in 2016 and reached Netflix. She is not only at home with streaming movies, but can also produce a critical success.

That last part may be important. Although Apple TV + started winning awards relatively early, the service dropped out of some of the biggest awards to date, including the Golden Globes and the Oscars. While Apple may not have to wait long for titles like Sophia Coppola on the rocks Is considered a strong candidate, like a purchase CODA Chances of taking Massachusetts increase. Major awards can raise the profile of Apple TV + and help it compete against rivals who already have iconic films in their lineup.

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