Apple seeded fifth public beta of watchOS 7 for public beta testers

Apple gave the fifth public beta of an upcoming watchOS 7 update to public beta testers today, just a week after seeding the fourth public beta and just a few days after sowing a new beta for developers.

ThewatchOS 7-update can be downloaded after installing the appropriate profile from Apple’s Public Beta website. WhatsOS ‌ should not be installed on a primary device as it is still an early beta and may contain bugs, plus there is no way to downgrade watchOS 6.

WatchOS 7H is a major update that introduces a new sleep tracking feature for the Apple Watch, which is designed to measure how long you are sleeping after wearing the Apple Watch while sleeping.

It comes with a wind down feature that helps you set up a bedtime routine to make it easier for you to sleep at night, as well as sleep mode that changes to Do Not Disturb and dims the Apple Watch display is.

The Apple Watch can also wake you up with hepatic vibrations, providing weather information in the morning as well as battery life so you can start your day.

With these sleep tracking features, the Apple Watch features automatic handwashing detection that hears the sound of running water with the intent of handwashing and then starts a 20-second timer to ensure that you are on your way to the proper time Washing hands

A new clock face sharing feature lets you share watch faces with others and install new watch faces from the App Store, Messages, Mail, websites, and more.

There is a new Chronograph Pro face with tachymeter, updates the complexities, and the newly named fitness app has new workout options, formerly the Activity app.

The Maps app now supports instructions for cyclists, Siri provides spoken translations, and is a shortcut app on the Apple Watch. To learn more about what’s new in WalkOS 7, check out our watchOS 7 roundup.

WatchOS 7h is limited to the Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5 models, and is not compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2.


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