Apple restores iPhone and Apple Watch to recover extra battery drain or lost GPS data

Soon after the release of iOS 14 and watchOS 7, many users ran into problems with their iPhone and Apple Watch.

Many online support threads, including our own found GPS data, were not being recorded properly during activities. The problem appeared to affect all Apple Watch models.

In most cases, users record a workout on their watch while leaving their iPhone at home, but when they later look at the Activity app it only shows the starting point of the workout on the GPS map, and nothing else.

In addition, some users are reporting additional battery drain under their Apple Watch, oriPhone or additional ofiOS 14 and ‌ WhatsOS 7. In support threads, the informal fix seemed ineffective and reinstalling your Apple Watch. Jack taylor Our forums reported resolving both issues with this method:

Both GPS and serious battery drain issues on GPS WhatsOS were fixed for me only by my in-pairing and re-pairing for my watch. Both issues resolved themselves immediately after mention in several of the support groups

Apple appears to have adopted this advice as an official solution to this problem. In a newly published support document titled If you are missing workout GPS route or health data after updating to ‌iOS 14 and Work WhatsOS 7 missing, Apple writes that users can see the following issues after upgrading to UIOS 14 and that watchOS 7:

Possible symptoms

  • For previous GPS-enabled workouts from your Apple Watch, the fitness app on foriPhone is missing your workout route map.
  • Activity, heart rate, or other health-related apps fail to launch or load data on your Apple Watch.
  • Health apps or health apps fail to launch or load data on your .iPhone.
  • The health app or fitness app is reporting the wrong amount of data storage on your ‌Phone.
  • The Activity app is reporting an incorrect amount of data storage on your Apple Watch.
  • Your environmental sound level data or headphones audio level data from the Apple Watch is missing in the Health app.
  • Increased battery drain on your ‌iPhone or Apple Watch.

If you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms, Apple suggests unpacking your Apple Watch, backing up both your WatchiPhone and Apple Watch devices, and restoring them from a backup. Apple provides steps to complete these tasks in its support document that was published today.


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