Apple pulled version 12 of iCloud for Windows which supports the iCloud Password Chrome extension

Apple has pulled version 12 of iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store based on user reports. This update included support for the iCloud Passwords Chrome extension released on Monday.

Noted by 8-bitThe version of oudiCloud currently on the Microsoft App Store is, downgraded from version 12 available tomorrow. However, the description of the oudiCloud app mentions support for the ‌iCloud-Passwords extension.

It is not known why Apple removed the latest version, but it may be due to issues that many users have experienced with the Chrome extension, including problems with two-factor authentication when trying to access websites, and browser extensions Can’t work at all.

Apple released the iCloud Password Extension on Windows 10 for Google’s Chrome browser, allowing users to use the password in Chrome generated in Apple’s Safari browser. This enables syncing passwords generated in Chrome, making them available on Apple devices as well.


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