‘Apple One’ subscription bundle reference found in iOS app before September event

Earlier this week, our sister site 9to5Google found references in Apple One – Apple’s upcoming subscription bundle – the Apple Music app for Android. Bloomberg previously reported that the Apple One includes several tiers, which combine the combination of Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News + and iCloud storage at the same discount price.

Now, 9to5Mac has found reference to Apple One in iOS code. These wires appear in the localization files used for the iPhone’s managed subscription screen. The text has been added recently, which may further suggest that Apple One is going to be announced at Apple’s special event on Tuesday.

The strings include mentions such as “Cancel Apple One”, “Keep Apple Apple” and “You can unsubscribe from Apple One and keep only what you want”. String references are in the same file as code strings that talk about choosing individual Apple services rather than continuing with the bundle.

This alludes to the fact that customers will be able to choose whether they wish to continue subscribing to Apple’s services in person, or to sign up to one of the Apple One bundle options.

On a related note, MacRumors reported today that Apple has registered a handful of domains with Apple One in the URL.

Apple is hosting its September media event on Tuesday. It is expected to announce a new Apple Watch lineup, featuring the Apple Watch Series 6 and a companion cheaper model, as well as a new iPad Air featuring a slim bezel design.

Given the recent leaks of leaks, it is likely that Apple will also use this event to announce its Apple One bundle. Bloomberg previously reported that the Apple One would include a new Apple fitness class service, which could do something for the health and fitness elements of the Apple Watch Series 6 to counter the likes of the peloton.

Stay tuned for 9to5Mac for full coverage of all announcements from Apple on Tuesday, September 15. The event will end at 10 am Pacific time.

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