Apple Music launches ‘Saylists’ to help people with speech and sound disorders

Apple today announced a new partnership with Warner Music to launch “Saylists,” which are special playlists available on Apple Music that focus on helping young people with speech and sound disorders.

As reported by BBC news, the project uses algorithms to identify songs that repeat sounds that are difficult for people with speech disorders to pronounce. “One in 12 children in the UK is believed to experience some form of speech and sound disorder (SSD),” the report says.

Children with speech and sound disorders can be helped with some therapeutic strategies, including repeating sounds like “ch,” “s,” and “z.” So far, 173 songs have been chosen to be used from all available playlists, including Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now and Fatboy Slim’s Right Now.

And, using the algorithm, Apple Music analyzed the lyrics of the 70 million tracks in its catalog to choose those that repeated them most frequently.

Users will find 10 different playlists with songs that frequently repeat the following sounds: “ch”, “d”, “f”, “g”, “k”, “l”, “r”, “s”, “t,” “Y” z “. Although the playlists only have English songs, they can be accessed by everyone on Apple Music. Just search for” Word Lists “and tap the Playlists option in the Music app. .

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