Apple mistakenly approved malware disguised as flash, new report found

According to a new report, Apple accidentally updated the approved common malware to run Mac Flash on Mac Flash.

According to security researcher Patrick Wardley, Apple had approved an app that contained code used by a well-known malware called Sheeler. Shyler is a Trojan downloader that spreads through fake applications, bombarding users with influx of adware. Sheeler is the “most common threat” for Macs, the cybersecurity and anti-virus firm Kaspersky said in 2019.

Wardley says this is the first time he has learned that Apple had mistakenly noted notarized malware after the start of its new notarization process. Apple announced the macOS notarization process in 2019, requiring each app to be reviewed by Apple and signed by a developer before running on the Mac, even though they are being distributed outside the Mac App Store.

After the discovery of the malware, Wardley contacted Apple and the company disabled the developer account associated with the app and revoked its certification. The attackers reportedly managed to re-notify the malware, but Apple reported Techcrunch Both old and new malware had abolished notarization.