Apple Maps Look Around feature gets first international expansion

Around Look, the Apple Maps feature that provides 360-degree views of locations at the ground level, is starting to expand outside of the US. Unusually for Apple, it is coming to Japan earlier than anywhere else, and now lives in four cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto. Was viewed by update At some distance.

Around Look is essentially Apple’s answer to Google’s Street View. You can bring it to supported areas by tapping on the binocular icon, which initially displays the Look Around view in an expandable pop-up window. Changes between photos are much easier compared to Street View, which helps it feel more like you’re actually exploring the area.

Nevertheless, Apple has been very slow with the rollout. Look Around came to the US for the first time as part of iOS 13 last year, but is still only available in eight major locations including Boston, San Francisco and New York City.

Apple has also brought its updated maps data nationwide. Earlier, the company announced that the UK, Ireland and Canada would get new maps as part of iOS 14 this year.