Apple leaves a fake Cuphead game of $ 5 on the App Store


A version of the run-and-gun game Cuphead appeared unexpectedly on iOS, but it's a scam.

TouchArcade reported that an iOS version had been released today, linking what looks like a legitimate app from the App Store. It has real screenshots of the game, and lists the seller as Cuphead developer StudioMDHR. But the support page is linked to "", instead of the actual site of StudioMDHR, "". If you buy the game, you will also see an incorrect name: "StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc."

The site "" is registered to Walter Gregor, who does not appear as an employee of StudioMDHR and apparently lives in the city of "Wasinghton, Wasinghton". (The actual site of StudioMDHR uses a privacy protection service, as you would expect from a serious company.) It would also be strange that the studio silently broke its highly publicized exclusive deal with Microsoft, especially just a couple of months after the launch. A Twitter user posted a screenshot that shows StudioMDHR confirming that it is a scam, and StudioMDHR also confirmed it to us. "False as hell, we're working to get rid of it," said experience director Ryan Moldenhauer The Verge .

There is a fake Cuphead application in the iOS store: this is a scam. We are working to eliminate the fraudulent application as soon as possible.

– Studio MDHR (@StudioMDHR) December 18, 2017

Actually can play this version of Cuphead using touch controls, but it's … a little off. The backgrounds seem low resolution, the animation is primitive. Some basic elements do not seem to be adapted to a touch screen: your menu screen still tells you to "press any button", for example.

It's not too surprising that someone tries to steal Cuphead on a platform like iOS. But is very surprising that Apple let it pbad during the submission process, when its legitimacy crumbles under basic research, especially because Cuphead was one of the most anticipated games of the year. . The theme of the game is "Do not deal with the devil", but Apple does not seem to have received the message.

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