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Apple is allegedly testing Macs with Face ID and touch screens – BGR

A recent report said that Apple will launch the AirPods 2 this spring, and that the new wireless headphones will be more expensive than their predecessors. The report also details the next AirPower wireless charger, also scheduled for a spring launch, and offered an unexpected data on the Mac line. Apparently, Apple is testing Macs with Face ID and touch screens, although it is not clear when these will begin devices, if they ever launch.

After bringing Face ID to the iPad last year, Apple is expected to do the same with the Mac line in the future. Face ID would undoubtedly be a better unlocking mechanism for laptops and desktops than passwords or fingerprints. As for the touch screens, Apple said several times that it does not intend to provide touch support to the macOS laptops and desktops.

On the other hand, we know from Apple that future versions of macOS should be able to run iOS applications from the App Store. Those iPhone apps were created with a tactile interface in mind, so maybe it should not be so surprising to hear that Apple is testing Macs with a touch screen.

Having said that, MySmartPrice He buried this gem at the end of an extensive report on the AirPods 2 and AirPower:

In addition to the new AirPods 2, Apple is testing Macs with Face ID and touch screens. However, you should not expect a new Mac with Cara ID to start soon. Current prototypes with face ID and touch screen are only designed for internal testing.

That's all the report says, but all the information it contains comes from a reliable source familiar with Apple's plans. That source said that the AirPods 2 will have the same design as their predecessors, but will come in black and white, with a new coating for a better grip. In addition, the report states that the new AirPods will have more sensors on board, probably with health-related characteristics. Finally, the new AirPods will have the same battery life, but the wireless case will have a smaller battery than before. AirPods 2, said the source, will cost around $ 200.

The report also noted that the AirPower wireless universal charger will cost $ 150 and that it will be a bit thicker than initially expected, due to its 8-7-7 coil configuration. The accessory will offer "exclusive features" that were not detailed, in addition to wireless charging, but will require iOS 13 or later. Finally, television commercials are being filmed for the new product.

As you can see, this reliable source provided a lot of information about the next two Apple products, including details that were not part of the previous leaks. If all this is resolved, then it could mean that Apple is working on Macs with support for Face ID and Mac with touch screens. Then, again, Apple continues testing and inventing numerous technologies that do not become commercial products, just look at the large number of patents that Apple receives each year.

Other rumors related to Mac said that Apple is working on Mac with ARM that would package A-series chips instead of Intel processors. So Apple is looking at several innovations for the Mac. That said, it is not clear at this time which Mac models will see updates this year, and if there are significant changes in the store for the existing Mac and MacBook lines, apart from the updates of expected processor.

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