Apple iPhone 12: Price, launch date, 5G, and all the rumors and leaks you need to know

Apple is normally gearing up to announce a new iPhone around this time of year, but 2020 is anything but normal. This year, it looks like we can see Four new iPhone models Released in late November with shipping dates. The phones themselves will be faster, cameras get better, and 5G is included.

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Below we have told about all the leaks and rumors, but keep in mind that until Apple actually announces the new iPhone, any of the information below may change.

What will the new iPhone be called?

  • Assumed an iPhone 12, right?

Apart from dropping the iPhone 9 and going with the iPhone X, Apple has not made a habit of mixing naming schemas for the iPhone lineup. Last year, we saw the iPhone 11, and this year, we hope to see the iPhone 12.

What really matters is what comes after the number, this year it looks like it is somewhat confusing, but also more streamlined depending on the number of models.

How many models will there be this year?

  • Four new models may arrive this year
  • Two “regular” models, and two pro models

Current rumors point to a lineup consisting of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Display sizes on the iPhone 12 and 12 Max can be 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches, while the Pro line can have 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens respectively.

How much will the iPhone 12 cost?

  • Pricing may be as low as $ 649
  • And topped the high end at $ 1,099

With the possible addition of 5G connectivity and Apple shifting the entire line for OLED displays, figuring out how much anyone is going to cost for the iPhone 12 line, if at all, is increasing.

John Prosser, who has previously leaked accurate information about Apple and Google, posted on Twitter in April that his sources were telling him that prices would be for the entire lineup: the iPhone 12 would cost $ 649, While the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be tweet, it will cost $ 1,099.

When can I buy iPhone 12?

  • It looks like an october announcement
  • Some models are available later that same month, and others in November.

Typically, Apple announces new iPhone models in September, launching 10 days after the event. However, this year, Apple has already stated that new iPhones will arrive a few weeks late.

The company is holding a “time fly” event on 15 September, but there is current speculation that the event will focus on the Apple Watch and a new iPad Air.

We’ll have to wait a bit for the new iPhones, but they look like they’ll be worth it.

The processor has stated that he expects the new iPhone to be announced on October 12, and has also set an expected release date.

Note that he claimed that the Apple Watch and iPad were scheduled to be announced this week. Instead, this week, Apple announced an event – where those items are expected to be unveiled.

What will the iPhone 12 look like?

  • An edge design similar to iPhone 5 or iPad Pro

according to a Bloomberg Reportedly, the new iPhone models will move away from the rounded edges used in the iPhone 11 and revert to flat-edge designs such as the iPhone 5 and iPad Pro.

The back of the phone will be similar, with three cameras with LIDAR sensors for Pro Model 3D scanning. The standard iPhone 12 model will have two cameras.

There is also speculation that the Face ID Sensor Array, also known as the True Depth Camera, is smaller this year, shortening the overall size of the notch that cuts the top of the iPhone’s display.

Standard iPhone 12 models will continue to use an aluminum housing, and Pro models will stick to the stainless steel housing.

Another rumor from Max Weinbach and XDADevelopers It is claimed that the green iPhone 11 color released last year is already retiring and will be replaced with blue. Renderers in the video who discuss the switch sure look good, no?

Will iPhone 12 have 5G?

Apple appears to be ready to release its first 5G-compatible devices. one more Bloomberg Reports in August reiterated that Apple would release four new iPhone models with 5G connectivity.

Any word on specs and features?

  • All OLED displays
  • Advanced AR Features on Pro Line
  • Apple A14 Bionic Processor

As previously discussed, Apple is expected to switch from LCD panels to the base iPhone 12 model (s) using OLED panels across the line this year. OLED displays are bright, have better color contrast and deep black, and are considered a major upgrade.

Apple is likely announcing to use its latest A14 Bionic processor in the iPhone 12 line, which will naturally improve performance.

There is speculation that 120Hz promotion display technology may be given in the iPhone 12 Pro line, but nothing has been solidified.

Finally, the new LIDAR sensor that Apple uses in the current iPad Pro lineup is said to make its way to the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. By using the camera, Apple and developers will be able to create better augmented reality applications, thanks to the 3D scanning technology that the camera brings to the line.

We will keep updating this post as more information and details are leaked and the iPhone 12 announcement will be near.