Apple in talks to create the subscription service "Netflix for news"


Apple in talks to create the subscription service

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Apple CEO Tim Cook alluded to more services that will come this year, and this week we are learning more about what the company has for news. According to a report in The Wall Street JournalApple has been in discussions with publishers about a subscription news service that would be a new level of payment for their existing Apple News application. However, the company has been colliding with the publishers for the monetary details: Apple apparently wants to keep 50 percent of the subscription revenue from the service.

This service called "Netflix for news" would allow customers to access an unlimited amount of content from the included publishers for a monthly fee. The service could be around $ 10 per month, similar to Apple Music, but the cost has not yet been finalized.

Apple has spoken with publishers including The New York Times, the Washington PostY The Wall Street Journal, but they (and others) have concerns about the Apple terms. The company wants 50 percent of the revenue for itself, and the remaining 50 percent will be divided among the participating publishers "according to the amount of time users spend on their articles."

In addition, Apple would not share customer data with publishers. Information that includes credit card numbers and email addresses will not be provided to publishers if they agree to Apple's terms in their current version. That information can be crucial for publishers to increase their subscriber base, market new products to readers and more.

This is not the first time that Apple has proposed strong demands to potential and existing partners. According to reports, the iPhone manufacturer has had creative differences with some movie creators and television programs with which the company is working to produce original content for Apple's upcoming TV broadcast service. Apple has replaced the showrunners and has even eliminated the projects completely to avoid presenting content that has "gratuitous bad, insults or violence".

The company reportedly wants to complete its television subscription service, which is also scheduled to debut this year, with family content. The subscription news service, in addition to the TV broadcasting service, is key to Apple's growth in the coming years, as the company focuses more on the services business than on device sales. While iPhone sales continue to trend downward, Apple's services business reached $ 10.9 billion in revenue in the last quarter, and Apple will not slow down on that front.

But Apple may have to work hard to obtain content licenses of the necessary number of publishers to create a paid news subscription service. Having requested publications that cover a variety of topics will be key to the success of the service.

The Apple News paid service could debut next month. A BuzzFeed News report suggests that Apple is planning an event "focused on subscription services" for March 25. In the past, the company launched new iPads at the March events, so it would be surprising if this event did not include at least one hardware ad. We are currently waiting for Apple to launch new AirPods and a new version of the iPad Mini.

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