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Apple gets “The Office” actors to make their FileMaker exciting

Technically incorrect offers a slightly twisted view of the technology that has taken over our lives.


Once, he was a great aviator with Dunder Mifflin.

FileMaker / YouTube screenshot of Chris Matyszczyk / CNET

How do you sell your high-tech database platform?

Apple affiliate FileMaker has taken a vegetable farm to show how a bit of high tech can help seemingly low-tech farmworkers to, umm, settle down a bit.

In a new announcement, we see Kate Flannery, Paul Lieberstein and Leslie David Baker as farmers in general. If the names do not sound, you can remember them as Meredith, Toby and Stanley from the television series "The Office."

Yes, there is life after Dunder Mifflin, the fictional paper company of the program.

Down this farm from beet collection, which seems to be called Beet Lord, use a custom application.There is no reward to guess that it was created using FileMaker.

The application makes life much easier.In fact, it's so easy our three heroes seem to have very little to do other than knock down drones, which have been mistaken for birds.

I asked FileMaker why it had suddenly come up with this homage to country life.

A spokeswoman told me that it was to increase brand awareness , recruit new developers and help with framing. (Yes, framing, not cultivating).

"Thirty years ago, FileMaker Pro started out as database management software, but nowadays It's much more than that, "the Spokesman added:" Now, FileMaker is a powerful customizable and scalable platform development application. "

The company released its latest version, FileMaker 16, last May.

Does this ad reek of power and scalability? I would not bet the farm for that.

Oh, maybe I'll love it. however, that FileMaker might have to do a little more culture before it can seem really exciting.

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