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Apple fixed the keyboard MacBook Pro & # 39; butterfly & # 39;

Our long national nightmare is over (maybe).Apple says it's the keyboard of the MacBook Pro

After recognizing the problems with the butterfly mechanism on their MacBook keyboards and then offering repairs the next day, the company is now trying to address the underlying design. Now, Apple says it is using different materials in the keyboard mechanism, which it hopes will resolve these complaints. In addition, the company is extending the standard one-year warranty for keyboard problems that would normally be covered by the service plan for up to four years, and those repaired units will obtain the new unspecified materials.

In case you need an update, Apple also updates its CPU options with the eighth and ninth generation Core Intel chips. The 15-inch MB can include an eight-core i9 unit for the first time, while the 13-inch MB manages with quad-core i5 and i7 configurations, all starting at the same price as before.

The complete breakdown.Sony has just exposed everything there is to know (so far) about the PS5

During a corporate strategy presentation, Sony listed all the next-generation game information it has revealed so far. Games and discs in the cloud? Check. Support for resolutions that go up to 8K? Check. 3D audio, ray tracing and SSD? Check, check, check In progress, Sony has yet to reveal when the PS5 will come out (we know it will not appear this year) or where it will be available for the first time, and how much it will cost.

Available now.Firefox is about to be much, much faster

The latest version of Firefox prioritizes your list of "pending tasks" of performance management with a set of features that will load pages up to 40 to 80 percent faster. The browser will now suspend inactive tabs, delay less-used scripts, and skip unnecessary work during startup. Version 67 also includes a lot of new privacy features, which include a fingerprint and encryption blocker (enable this feature through Content Lock-in settings) and private browsing customization.

Stop us if you have heard this before.Google stored some business passwords as plain text

Google warned users that an "error" in a password recovery implementation left their passwords unbroken in their internal systems since 2005 until that method was discontinued. Other plain text passwords have been temporarily stored since January 2019. According to Google, the information was used incorrectly, but in case you need another reason to enable multifactor authentication, here it is.

Industry rule # 4,080.The demand of Tfue against FaZe takes a long time to come.

So, what happens when the most popular Fortnite Player in the world demands the sports team that plays? We're about to find out, now that Turner Tenney, aka Tfue, has claimed that the FaZe clan is violating California's labor laws. Who can know if the question is whether a player who spends a lot of time playing instead of competing can be defined as an artist / artist or an athlete. The way in which all this falters, and how it affects who receives the payment of the transmission and the sponsorships, could have important implications in the developing world of esports.

Engadget's guide to raising children in the digital eraHow to buy technological gifts for other people's children.

Gone are the days when I could simply buy a doll or a toy truck and know that the child would enjoy it and it would not be controversial with the parents. There is a silver bullet gift as each child is different, there are some general guidelines that you can follow when buying a technical gift for children, one that will not make other adults look at you or the children who throw it towards a child. side. of something brighter.

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