Apple expects touch bar to ditch in 2021 MacBook Pro models

According to a reputable analyst, Apple will lose the “touch bar” on the next batch of MacBook Pro computers.

Ming-Chi Kuo of TFI Securities writes this week that the iPhone maker is quitting it on a largely unaffected feature after five years, never becoming a revolutionary tool in the form of a long, thin, interactive video strip in the MacBook Pro keyboard. Has been pivoted by Apple. 2016

But as MacRumors reports, the control key is not the only major change Apple is making to its 2021 MacBook Pro line.

The upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch laptops will see a design change that scrapes the curved edges that the computer has sported for the past 5 years in favor of a more flat-edged design like the new iPhone 12 family.

They will also add more types of ports instead of USB-C which have become limited in recent years, meaning consumers won’t have to buy expensive dongles to plug various wires and devices into their MacBooks.

When it introduces USB-C for the MacBook, Apple is also digging back its MagaSafe charging connector. In older MacBook models, MagSafe allowed chargers to snap in and out of computers using magnets.

Apple shares rose slightly on Friday morning, trading at $ 129.39.


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