Apple event on March 23: AirTags, new iPads?

Multiple filter feeders This morning they came up with the idea of ​​a March 23 date for Apple’s next product event. Apple often holds spring events to announce new products, but it is not a guarantee. Depending on the year, Apple sometimes launches products simply through press releases, like last year with the 2020 iPad Pro.

The lines are currently blurred as ‘Apple events’ are held virtually due to the pandemic, but the main difference between an event and press release announcements is the inclusion of a scripted prepared video presentation.

What is expected for March 23? That remains unclear, but there are persistent rumors about AirTags, Apple’s competitor to the Tile tracker, new iPads, and AirPods updates.

In the latest beta version of iOS 14.5, Apple has enabled the Items tab in the Find Me app for all users. This is a good indicator that Apple’s Bluetooth tracker product is imminent (after around two years of rumors that the product is in development). However, the Items tab will also be used by third-party accessories that integrate with the Find My network, so technically the two things are not inextricably linked.

We’ve also heard rumors of an update to the iPad Pro line, perhaps with improved display technology and a faster A14X chip. Apple updated the iPad Pro last year with the addition of a LiDAR depth scanner, but the device was largely unchanged.

There have also been leaks of new third-generation AirPods, which will adopt many of the features of their more expensive AirPod Pro siblings. However, it is unclear if they are ready for release this month.

Apple also further increased speculation about this year’s Mac product line last week, by discontinuing the iMac Pro. A radically redesigned iMac with thin bezels and Apple silicone internals is expected to launch sometime this year. year, and the discontinuation of the iMac Pro suggests that it will happen sooner rather than later. The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are also expected to debut in 2021, but that appears to be something Apple would schedule for fall rather than spring.

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