Apple contradicts Qualcomm for patent infringement related to Snapdragon chips

In the current legal dispute between Apple and chip maker LTE Qualcomm, Reuters reports today that Apple has made the latest move by filing a counterclaim against Qualcomm and claiming Snapdragon chips from the supplier, used in Many Android devices: infringe the patents of the Cupertino company.

The counterclaim is Apple's retaliation against Qualcomm after the latter company sought a ban on importing iPhone and iPad in the United States during the summer. At that time, Qualcomm alleged that Apple violated six Qualcomm patents related to the aggregation of operators and technologies designed to allow iPhones to save battery while communicating. Apple denied any of these claims and said Qualcomm's patents were "invalid."

Apple's new counterclaim reviews its response to July's Qualcomm complaint by adding the patent infringement allegation surrounding the Snapdragon chips. The submission alleges that Apple has "at least" eight patents of battery life that Qualcomm has violated, related to making sure that each part of the phone's processor consumes only the minimum power needed to operate, shutting down parts of the processor when it's not necessary and ensure that sleep and wake functions work better for the user.

Apple specifically says that Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and 820 processors, included in Samsung and Google smartphones, infringe these patents, but Apple has only appointed Qualcomm against it. The specific monetary damages that Apple is looking for were not disclosed.

Apple Inc. on Thursday filed a counterclaim against Qualcomm Inc., alleging that Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile phone chips that power a wide variety of Android-based devices are in violation of Apple's patents, the latest development in a dispute Long duration.

"Apple started looking for those patents years before Qualcomm started looking for the patents it claims against Apple in this case," the company wrote in its lawsuit.

2017 has been refuted after the rebuttal in Apple's legal battle against Qualcomm, kicking in January when the Federal Trade Commission complained that Qualcomm had participated in anticompetitive patent licensing practices. Soon after, Apple sued Qualcomm for $ 1 billion, accusing the company of charging unfair royalties for "technologies they have nothing to do with" and refusing to pay quarterly rebates. Then there was a counterclaim by Qualcomm in April, and the dispute intensified throughout the year with demands and expanded demands filed by each party.

Over the summer, Qualcomm began facing an additional lawsuit from the US Federal Trade Commission, which comes separately from the dispute with Apple, but which encompbades many of the same anticompetitive tactics that Apple alleges in its own demand.

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