Apple can work on a foldable iPhone

Next to the Samsung folding phone is a red iPhone 11 face, which remains open on the display.  Both lie on a marble countertop.

Photo: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

When samsung released the original Galaxy fold Last year, other companies were quick to follow suit. Motorola followed swiftly with its reboot Razr, While Microsoft took a little longer to show Its folding duo phone. Now, it seems that Apple may tamper with making a foldable iPhone.

In Posted on weiboNoted leaker Ice Universe claims that Apple has ordered manifold displayable samples from Samsung and even inquired about signing an agreement for a particular supply. In another Later Tweet posted on Twitter, Ice Universe claims that Apple is exploring both an under-screen and foldable display technology to transition away from the larger camera rungs seen on existing iPhones.

There are rumors that Apple has been working on some kind of foldable device for the past year, with several conflicting reports. Back in 2018, A. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Analyst It has been claimed that a folding iPhone could arrive as soon as this year. John proser Claims that Apple is not working on a flexible screen device, but rather close to a dual-screen gadget Surface duo.

As noted by Macroomers, Samsung has been sending samples of its folding screen technology for some time to other phone manufacturers — in hopes of ordering technology for their own devices for other companies. This new order could be an indication of Apple testing technology and folding equipment. This is an important and necessary step before the folding iPhone comes into the store.

The most interesting tidbit about a possible Apple foldable remains unknown: Which of Samsung’s foldable displays will Apple actually use? Currently, Samsung uses two different styles of foldable screens in its gadgets. It uses a larger tablet-sized 7.3-inch and 7.6-inch flexible display. Galaxy fold And Z times 2Smaller and more traditional 6.7-inch bandy displays are used with Galaxy Z Flip.

Personally, I see Apple’s first foldable screen device as nothing like a standard iPhone, because aside from making a Bendi iPhone a bit more compact than most, the use of a smaller foldable screen doesn’t really add much to the overall experience. . Instead, Apple could build something along the lines of the Z Fold 2, but with more focus on being a tablet instead of a phone, possibly as a future replacement for the iPad Mini that currently exceeds its 500 days Last refresh

Based on the extremely extreme thickness of existing foldable gadgets, Apple’s designers may be concerned that an iPhone with a flexible screen won’t meet customer expectations, making the foldable Apple device a better fit for the iPad line. but who knows! Apple may create a new family of devices deployed between the iPhone and iPad. This makes a lot of sense given the still somewhat experimental nature of folding screen technology.

Another option would be for Apple to order a batch of Samsung’s flexible displays featuring custom specs. Apple did the same with the iPhone X, which had a Samsung OLED display with a special cutout for Face ID notch and different metrics for panel brightness, color accuracy, and gamut, which Samsung OLED that year The displays were used in comparison to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones.

In a way, this would be the most Apple-like solution, allowing other companies to test the waters with early folding devices, as well as Apple following up with a potentially more sophisticated product that lends its vision to the technology Is better aligned than.

Sadly, it is difficult to say when a folding gadget may arrive from Apple. It is clear that this will not happen this year, and while 2022 is probably the safest bet, Ice Universe said Apple could potentially sign a one-year supply deal soon, 2021 is not completely out of the question. .

But that’s just me. If you get your thoughts from below, and if you have information about Apple’s plans, you can always reach me [email protected].