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Apple boosts iPhone exchange credit with up to $ 100 additional when it picks up a new XR or XS

Apple has been promoting its device exchange program quite a bit this year after rebranding it as "GiveBack" in April. Now, Apple is giving customers up to an additional $ 100 over normal exchange values ​​when they take a new iPhone XS or XR.

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Prior to its iPhone XS and XR event, Apple updated its GiveBack exchange program to allow customers to get instant credit, even with online purchases. In September, Apple offered competitive exchange values ​​for devices when the iPhone 2018 line was launched, which gave up to $ 525 for the iPhone X.

Now, after its four-day black Friday promotion that offered gift cards with the purchase of eligible devices, Apple is encouraging consumers with older iPhones to upgrade.

On its exchange destination page, Apple says that, for a limited time, it is delivering up to $ 100 extra for exchanges.

The special exchange bonus ranges between $ 25 and $ 100 depending on the model you have. Apple grants a maximum of $ 100 of additional credit to owners of iPhone 6 Plus and 6s / 6s Plus. That means that the total exchange value for iPhone 6 Plus or 6s is now $ 200, with a solid $ 250 for owners of iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple does not mention how long the offer will last, so if you are thinking about updating and this additional incentive has already been decided, do not hesitate.

Analysts can see this latest promotion as an indication that iPhone sales are weaker than expected. Earlier today, we saw another report that Apple has cut orders from its suppliers for iPhone XS and XR.

Since Apple announced it would stop reporting sales of units for iPhones and other products during its latest earnings call, analysts will work harder than ever to offer estimates of iPhone sales for the holiday quarter.

Apple boosts iPhone exchange credit

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