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Apple asked to respond to China’s consumer group on the slowdown of older iPhones

Apple now faces questions about how it slows down old iPhones in China.

The state news agency Xinhua reported yesterday that the Shanghai Consumer Council has written to Apple asking it to explain the impact on performance and the remedies it is offering to consumers.

The company has been asked to respond to the Council's letter before Friday.

The Board said it received 2,615 complaints about Apple products and services in 2017, compared to 964 complaints in 2015.

We & # 39; He contacted Apple to comment and update this story with any response.

Earlier this month, French authorities opened an investigation into the performance problem after a complaint from a French consumer group campaigning against planned obsolescence. A law of 2015 turned programmed obsolescence into illegal in the country.

Apple also received a letter demanding answers on the subject in the US. US, with Republican Senator John Thune writing to the company his concerns earlier this month.

In December, Apple publicly acknowledged the performance impact on the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and SE, responding to online complaints that it accelerates performance on older iPhones by saying it did so to prolong the life of the devices that could suffer unexpected shutdowns because the older batteries could not handle the peaks of processing power.

He later apologized in a message to customers for not being more transparent about how he handles performance. And it started offering a battery replacement for affected devices out of warranty for a $ 29 reduction.

While Apple released information about the battery shutdown solution in iOS 10.2.1 last year, it was not all clear that power management adjustment would also slow down previous models of the iPhone.

Therefore, criticism has persisted, and some even Thune have questioned why Apple does not offer free battery replacements for owners of affected devices.

There have also been Some iPhone owners believe that the process to reserve a battery replacement has not always been as simple and easy as they would like.

Save a thought for iPhone 6s owners, some of whom have already had to go through the hassle of replacing their battery as a result of a faulty lot that caused unexpected stops.

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