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Apple accidentally promotes Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV in App Store, launch could be imminent

There are 26 days until the end of the year, which is the deadline for when Apple said that the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Video application would reach Apple TV. A launch could come as soon as this week, and maybe as early as tomorrow, based on a leak from the App Store discovered on reddit.

After setting his iPhone date for December 6, a redditor opened the App Store and allegedly saw a story of Amazon Prime Video as the main feature in the "Today" section. Link the section in reddit, which other users could see temporarily before Apple pulled the content. The description of the "Today" application store in question refers specifically to Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV.

Apple pulled this out a few minutes ago. (Hello Apple?)

As I said, my time / date is set for tomorrow. That's relevant because I saw the story at the top of the "Today" tab when I opened the App Store. This is how I got the link.

So, my guess is that the story is ready for launch in the App Store tomorrow, and sometime near midnight Eastern or PST, both the story and the updated app itself will get going. That's about 9-12 hours from now. We'll see.

If the App Store filtering is genuine and seems to be based on multiple reports from different users of reddit, it means that Apple already has content written for the Amazon Prime Video version. That the content was visible on December 6 suggests that a launch could be imminent.

Apple announced the Amazon Prime Video application for Apple TV for the first time at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. At the time, Apple said the application would come later this year, but months have passed since then without any sign of it. However, there have been continuous release rumors, all of which have been incorrect.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the only video streaming services that is missing from Apple's decoder. The service is provided as a benefit to Amazon Prime members who subscribe to Amazon's $ 99 Amazon per year Amazon Prime service. Amazon Prime Video presents thousands of TV shows and movies, along with original content produced by Amazon.

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